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NCV Detector Induction Tester Compact Voltage Sensitivity Pen

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NCV Detector Induction Tester Compact Voltage Sensitivity Pen

LED light and low voltage indicator - The flashing light of the low voltage LED and alarm can remind you to replace the battery in time, while the white LED light can even work in the dark environment; automatically power off after 5 minutes of operation to save energy
Safety sound and light alarm - voltage frequency can be distinguished by beep and LED
Non-contact voltage tester - When the device approaches AC voltage within the specified voltage range, it will flash and beep without touching the object under test, and will also emit drip sound and LED indication to support adequate safety. Measurement application

Different voltage test and dual range test - Distinguish real-time and neutral line by alarm sounds of different frequencies; The default AC voltage measurement range is 48-1000V, and 12-1000V can also be measured by adjusting the sensitivity. This satisfies the need to select the most appropriate sensitivity before testing on different occasions and on different objects.

AC voltage range: 48V-1000V / 12V-1000V
Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Alarm mode: sound and light alarm
Voltage level: low, medium, high
Flashlight: Simultaneous LED lighting
Low voltage indicator: Yes
Power: 2 x 1.5V AAA battery
Product size: 6.1 x 0.8 x 0.8 inches
Security level: CE CAT. III 1000V / CAT. IV 600V
Operating temperature: 0-40 ° C
Storage temperature: -10-50 °C

Altitude: <2000

Protmex 非接触式电子数显测电笔 多功能感应线路检测智能电笔



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